What is the most pain you have ever been in?

I’m curious to know to the spectrum we have here.

I know i’m low on the totem pole. No broken bones or anything.

Kidney stones and a recurring Pilonidal Cyst on my tailbone is the only thing I can really say has been painful for me. I know we have to have had some worse here.

Dumped a pot of boiling water on my foot. All the skin on the top of my foot peeled off with my sock.

Do not recommend.

I fell down a flight of concrete steps when I was in college and cracked my skull.

I was unconscious and don’t recall being taken away on a stretcher. I came to in the hospital and was still too drunk to appreciate what I had done to myself.

I had massive headaches for a week afterwards, abated only by taking prescription pain killers.

I have never had the debilitating pain that most of the others who are to post have likely had. The worst I can remember is when a chunk of tooth broke off and hung right in there against the nerve for a while. I went to the dentist screaming something like “Get it out! Get it out!” Hurt pretty badly, but I could still drive and all. I’m sure it doesn’t compare to getting a leg amputated.

Leg cramps so bad the shot they gave me in the emergency room to knock me out just made the pain tolerable enough to think using words instead of screams. It felt like a grizzly bear was ripping the muscles out of the backs of my legs over and over again.

Hit on my bicycle.
Broken femur, partially avulsed hamstring, full degloving of the back of the thigh, partial degloving of the front.
Yeah, I whimpered. :smiley:

My nephew was staying at my mom’s house, he was probably around 7 or 8. They were both at in the kitchen. She was carrying a pot of boiling water over to the sink and he wasn’t paying attention and starting running accross the kitchen and bumped into her and the water splashed all down his back. I wasn’t home but it was traumatizing for all involved. That kid was tough. Had a pretty severe bike wreck a year or so later, fell down a flight of stairs and had a piece of metal slice his knee open. Much touger than I am.

Kidney stone, by far. That was excruciating.

ETA: I’ve broken bones and torn ligaments and those didn’t come close.

I’ve been pretty lucky, which I’m very grateful for. Worst for me was a couple of years ago when I overstretched my calf muscle in bed and thought my lower leg was being ripped off. I couldn’t even have the spouse massage it for me because even touching it made it worse. Just had to walk around trying not to scream until it worked itself out.

Aside from that, I spontaneously popped a rib out a few months ago and it hurt so much I couldn’t even lie down, but fortunately there were positions where it didn’t hurt too much so I was able to get it popped back in (this was at the beginning of a holiday weekend so nobody was open). Fun!

Definitely minor compared to some folks here, though, and I’m not complaining.

In the early 90’s, I underwent a very prolonged root canal. It took several very painful visits, only to be ultimately sent to a specialist for it. In the meantime, though, it became infected. My dentist did put me on a very strong painkiller- I think it was called mepergan- but if if wore off in the middle of the night, I would shoot straight up in bed screaming. I will never forget that kind of pain.

I’ve had migraines that made me pray for death.

I had penile/scrotal surgery; the recovery was terrible.

Gall stones. Breaking my arm when I was 10 is a close second.

Twice I’ve had attacks of undiagnosed abdominal pain that might have been either kidney stones or an iliopsoas cramp. Excruciating either way.

And twice I’ve had sprained back muscles that pressed on spinal nerves. The worst part of that is that your back tells you the filthy, goddamn LIE that it would stop hurting if you only found just the right position. It was bad enough that I told my wife that if I hadn’t been reasonably sure it would eventually stop, I’d have killed myself.

I had a 180 deg shift of my capsule where they basically cut my arm off and then reattached everything slightly off to undue a permanent dislocation. That wasn’t so bad until I didn’t stay on top of my pain killers because I was dumb and in college. Then it felt like someone had cut off my arm. It took 48 hours to get back on top of the pain.

When I had my other arm done 9 months later I was incredibly anal about taking my fistful of pills and While I couldn’t move or lay down i could at least think. Now I’m getting prepped to do it again or possibly get the should replaced I’ve already started prepping my wife for how bad it will be, of course this time I may need shoulder replacement so hopefully that wont be worse.

I know I’m lucky:

Sprained knee. It was evidently fairly mild–only needed to have the blood drained a couple times. Couple years ago I sprained my ankle so bad I could barely breathe for a few minutes.

Appendicitis is supposed tobe pretty bad, but for a week was just a little uncomfortable (ok, until doc pushed on it) by comparison, and I almost didn’t take it to the doc.

I recently did this, due to my broken wrist. I would gladly break my wrist twenty times more before burning my foot.

I once asked a coroner what’s the most painful way to die. He said being burned alive, but most people in fires die of smoke inhalation, which is a blessing.

ETA: I once had a tooth abscess that burst when I hit the side of my face on a couch arm. OUCH!

I had surgery on my left shoulder to repair a labrum tear.

I had surgery on my right shoulder years before, and it made me a little cocky. I was woefully unprepaired for the amount of pain. I was supposed to go home right after the operation. Instead they kept me overnight and gave me morphine. I accused them of holding out on me. I may have called someone names. I slept in a chair for weeks because I couldn’t lay down.

For two weeks, the pain was nearly unbearable. Then the physical therapy. That was no picnic either.

Everything’s OK now, but I sure wouldn’t do it again.

Kidney Stone Ugh.

Tore off two fingernails and a little meat with an S-hook attached to the end of a chain. Ouch!

Side note:When looking in the new posts list of topics the one above this one was “Fighting with a sledgehammer” :smiley:

I’m not sure if it was when I tore my MCL and sprained my ACL, or about 2-3 days post-reconstructive surgery when it got really sore and swelled up and just wouldn’t stop hurting. (it was the screw through the bone that hurt!).

Strangely, my recent patellar tendon rupture didn’t hurt that much… until the knucklehead paramedics thought I should try and stand on it, and then weren’t all that supportive of my leg as I sat back down. That HURT. Like got really pale, cold sweats afterward, etc…

The aftermath of the repair surgery didn’t even come close to the pain those two goons put me through before trying to tell me to ice it and stay home. I finally said to take me to the hospital and to shut up about it.