What is the most useless type of matter? (If there is a type of matter that is useless...)

What is the most useful and useless atom, element, type of matter, etc. that you can think of? (The answer will probably be debatable so this is opinion oriented)


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Useful: Carbon
Useless: Ununoctium

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For states of matter this should be moved back to GQ because the correct, peer-reviewed answer is:

#1 Plasma

#2 Solid

#3 Liquid

#4 Gas

Is Plutonium even considered an element anymore?


Francium’s got to be up there as one of the most useless non-synthetic / transuranic elements. There is no known isotope with any usable lifespan - max is 22 mins.

??? I may be whooshed…but why wouldn’t it be?

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If it were renamed Freedomium it might toughen up.

It’s a dwarf element, or a Plutonioid.

My grey matter is pretty useless.

Dark matter is totally useless.

I disagree. #DarkMatterMatters

“It just doesn’t matter!” – Tripper, Meatballs

“Hakuna Matata” - Timon and Pumbaa

How can it be useless? it’s right there in the name that it matters.

Whatever it is that politicians are made of.

Are there any biological or technological uses for radon? (Aside from supporting the radon detector industry…)

Bullshitium. Except for Trump, of course; he’s pure whackogen.