What is the most visually appealing aspect ratio for film?

What do you feel is subjectively the most appealing aspect ratio for him?

1.37.1 - The Academy Ratio?
1.66.1 - Hitchcock Widescreen
1.77 aka 16 x 9
1.85.1 - VistaVision
2:1 - The Univision Ratio
2:35 - Cinemascope

Or other?

No love for 4:3?

1.33 is 4:3

1.85 for me. I am honestly very happy with 16x9, I think it has transformed TV into a cinematic scope, but there’s something about the extra wide (but not extra-extra-wide) of 1.85 that adds a majesty and scale. It’s an illusion, let’s face it, but it works.

It depends on the movie. Not every film needs to be in Cinerama, but some would be pretty cool in that format.

At least 1.77, but preferably even wider. I’m a still photographer, so I’m most intimate with more squarish aspect ratios, but, for moving pictures, I love them wide.

It was mostly a tossup between 1.85 and 2.35, but I picked 2.35.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up voting for in the end.

16 x 9 for me. Whereas I think Pillarboxes (like on a 4x3 film on a 16x9 screen) make a film look cheap, I think the letterboxing on Cinemascope films on a 16 x 9 screen makes them look more cinematic. I really hope 16 x 9 is here to stay, it’s perfect. I get to enjoy my flat widescreen films without any cropping, and enjoy Cinemascope films with the epic “theater” look with the bars.