What is the music in this commercial?

OK, bear with me. I don’t know exactly what commercial this is. It is some sporting goods company, and I’ll guess Reebok, but I ain’t sure. It looks like Jason Kidd riding around in a black SUV – he’s talking about going back to Oakland, and how the boys used to tell him: “But all you can do is pass…”

Anyway, the music playing sounds like some old funk. The main thing you hear is an organ …Closest I can come up with for comparison is Sly & the Family Stone, but I would say that probably isn’t it.

Even if you don’t know the music, if you can clarify that it’s Jason Kidd/Reebok…that may help others if I have that part wrong.

Any help? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t seen the commercial, but a WAG…
Something off Tower Of Power’s “Back To Oakland” album.
There’s some of the songs sampled here.
Of course that may be too hip for the room.

hmm, I just listened to the all the samples of that on Amazon, and I found the one called “Oakland Stroke” (not on amazon). None of the ones I heard were it, and while it was a good WAG, it doesn’t sound like an exact fit from what I heard.

one hopeful bump for the night crowd.

Is that the one where “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly, et al. is playing?

Don’t hold me to this, but I think that song is Religious by Musique. It samples a Meters song that I can’t recall right now. (Remember Heavy D’s Girls the Girls They Love Me? Same melody.)