what is the name for this?

I don’t think it is actually a fear of heights, per se’. But, for instance, let’s assume that I am on the top floor of a parking garage. I am not bothered by being up there until I get toward the edge of the building and I look over the edge. Then my legs get weak and tingly sort of. As soon as I step back from the edge, it goes away. It doesn’t have to be on the top floor either. It will be the same if I stand on a chair to change a ceiling light bulb.

What is this, what causes it and how do I get rid of it?

Kinda reminds me of “I’m not afraid of heights, just falling from them.” I’m somewhat like that also. I’m not at all afraid of heights, but when I am up high (even just a few feet) I get nervous leaning against things around the edge, like railings, floor to ceiling windows, etc…

I believe it’s called vertigo.


i believe that’s vertigo.

It may be vertigo, but from what little I have read on Vertigo, there is dizzyness involved. But I don’t get dizzy. Just “weak in the knees”.