what is the name of this coffee/tea house in Portland OR?

Some coworkers and I are headed to Portland for a conference soon, and one of them wants to visit a coffee or tea house that she recalls going to. She described it as being like “Alice in Wonderland”; incorporating optical illusions into the furniture and interior.

I have tried various Google searches to no avail. Anyone know which place she might be referring to?

The artwork sounds to me like your friend could have been in one of the McMenamin’s pubs. They are not coffee houses, but they do roast their own coffee.

They have locations all over Portland (and other nearby areas).

I know the place, but I can’t think of the name. It’s on the northwestish side of downtown, on one of the east-west streets. It’ll come to me…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but it sounds like the Rimsky-Korsakoffeehouse - “Home of the casually threatening atmosphere”. Even if it’s not the one you’re thinking of, I highly recommend it. Make sure you visit the restroom, and try to sit at the low glass-covered table if possible.


Pied Cow on Belmont? Is that still open?

Pied Cow would be my second choice if it’s not Rimsky-Korsakoffee house. I loved that place. Best backyard of any coffee house.