What is the normal number of filled seats on a 767?

All four planes had, for their total capacity, VERY few people onboard.

I know it’s sort of common for planes to fly empty, but for a cross-country trip like that? Isn’t that kind of odd?

“A 767 is available in four models: the 767-200ER (extended range), with seating for 224 passengers in two classes or 181 passengers in a three-class configuration and range of up to 6,615 nautical miles; the 767 -300ER, with seating for 269 in two classes and 218 in three classes and a range capability of 6,115 nautical miles; and the 767-300 Freighter with 16,034 cubic feet of cargo volume and a range of 3,270 nautical miles.” - From the Boeing Website.

Info. on the 757.