What is the object that washed up on the beach?

Apparently it’s made of foam…


The comments on the story seem to agree that it’s a floatation collar for a pipeline of some sort.

It kind of looks like some kind of buffer/support for a large pole or pillar that would be inserted at the top. The foam, when new and flexible, would have some give to it and a cushioning effect for whatever was inserted into it at the top.

Just a hunch. :shrug:

Insulation for a deep sea oil production riser? Like this product pictured here? http://www.afglobalcorp.com/products-and-services/production/insulation

There can’t be too many places that make foam products that big. I bet a few calls by a reporter could have eliminated this mystery.:rolleyes::slight_smile:

(I deleted my rant about investigative reporters):smiley:

A few weeks back, komolono was trying to make an enclosure for deep sea ( albeit that was with concrete). Maybe this was his first experiment. :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, crude oil produced offshore requires pipes to be insulated until it is processed. This is because crude oil has waxes that would otherwise congeal and foul/ block the pipelines. This is a piece of that.

Only caveat I’d have is that most pipe floats (like for dredging - I’m familiar with ones used in offshore diamond dredging) are in two halves - semi-cylinders which clamp around the pipe - whereas this looks like a complete cylinder. I’m not saying the semi-cylinder is the only kind, though. But I’m more inclined to say it’s from a buoy or similar.

So THAT’S where that thing got off to…

Definitely not aliens then …


We used to have large blocks of foam from which various cushioning devices were fabricated. These blocks were about 10 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide. I forget how thick they were, less then the width. There was a large air powered saw to rough cut them. It operated like an electric carving knife or hedge trimmer with two scalloped blades that reciprocated. It sounded like a machine gun when we tried it.


I’d guess it’s some kind of floating donut fender.