What is the optimal length a pencil should be to be tucked behind the ear?

What pencil lengh would be the most likely to stay in place when tucked behind the ear ?

The length of a golf pencil, or shorter.

Bonus points if the eraser is intact and hardly used.

I think it would change depending on the size of the head and how big your ears are. How close the top of the pinna is to the head probably makes a lot of difference, and also how wide the top of the funnel part where the pencil rests is.

I like to have my pencil “balanced” halfway

I keep a normal, full-length pencil tucked behind my ear during choir practices, and have no trouble balancing it.

I have to say, I LOVE THIS TREAD.

Just when you think everything that has been said has been said…

Well they keep coming up with them

Congratulations :smiley:

I have a pencil behind my ear almost all the time, but it is a “carpenter’s pencil” so mileage may vary. Sharpening both ends for balance, the ideal length is 4 13/16".

If you keep it in your ear, 1 3/8". Avoid headphones and knit hats.

If you wear glasses, you can go to almost microscopic lengths because it is the temple piece of the glasses rather than the ear which keeps it in place.

Any part of the pencil not making skin contact is working against the objective. Ergo, the pencil should be as long as it can be to make contact along its length. Anything more is not helping.

You mean you tuck the pencil between the temple and, well, your temple? I can’t do that, makes the glasses feel weird, sticks the temple into my ear. In fact one of the reasons I always wear a ball cap while doing carpentry is to hold the pencil.

I’ve actually contemplated wrapping a little loop of tape around the stem of my glasses, precisely because I haven’t found a good way to tuck a pencil while wearing glasses. Every way I’ve tried it, if my glasses move at all, the pencil falls off.

I want a pencil clip attached to my glasses!

This was a life changing post.

As long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to hold a pencil behind my ear with any kind of success. Everyone else made it look so easy–especially my oldest brother, the carpenter. Needless to say, this led to feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem and years of therapy.

Now that I can right size my pencil for effective ear cartage, my confidence has skyrocketed. I’ve begun to branch out into other forms of creative expression like music and sculpture.

And story telling, for instance the story of the Free Republic posting carpenter who was working on the 17th floor of a building under construction. He was applying all his Free Republic posting mental acuity to the various problems of high steel carpentry when he slipped and fell. At about the 7th or 8th floor his head hit a girder, ripping his right ear completely off. Finally he landed in a pile of rubble, badly bruising his tailbone.

A young boy who was hanging around the construction site watched the Free Republic poster land and then watched his ear fluttering to the ground. He picked up the ear, ran over to the carpenter who was just dusting himself off and said, “um, mister, is this your ear?”

The Free Republic poster grabbed the ear, turned it over a couple of times and said, “Nope. Mine had a pencil behind it.”

Anyway, I’m gonna have 4 13/16" tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I see it every time I close my eyes.

But how does this apply to cigarettes? Behind the ear I mean.