What is the origin of apples being associated with teachers?

A friend of mine asked me this one. Why are apples associated with teachers? Where does the idea that a student would give an apple to a teacher come from?



I think its because apple harvest and school starting both occur around the same time of year - in September. They are just simply two symbols of autumn. As for students giving one to the teacher, well, I think that’s just kindness. Teachers work hard, the least they could get in return from their students is an apple :slight_smile:

WAG: (Hey! I can’t find a citation for EVERYTHING!)
Kids in rural areas often were taught by teachers who were dependant on the local families to augment their rather meager incomes. When school resumed at the end of the summer, a kid might bring in a gift of appreciation from the harvest. Apples are easier to carry (less susceptible to bruising or squishing) than pears, peaches, grapes, etc. and are more of a “treat” item than the more durable vegetables such as carrots or turnips.

(If the “tradition” was based on a story, I have not yet found that story.)