What is the origin of Igor?

Where did Igor come from? There was no Igor in Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, nor is there such a character in any of the movies entitled Frankenstein from 1910 through 1994. But a hunchback named Igor almost always accompanies Dr. Frankenstein in popular culture. It’s just like “Play it again, Sam”, or “Elementary, my dear Watson” or “Beam me up, Scotty”… but really now, we’re talking an entire character! Where did this impostor come from?

There was an Ygor - Bela Lugosi in *Son of Frankenstein{/i].

Ah. Danke schoen.

Not to mention Marty Feldman’s performance in Young Frankenstein for which he won the first of his seven Academy Awards.

Igor had the coolest job in the world!!! Mad scientist’s assistant! Buildin’ monsters! Wish my alma mater had offered that in the curriculum! :cool:

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What is the origin of Igor ?
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And, of course, readers of Terry Pratchett’s latest book(s), CARPE JUGULUM and THE FIFTH ELEPHANT, know about Igors…

My dad (age 62) say that the character Igor was invented for Bella Lugosi or Peter Lorre or one of those guys. Makes sense, since rolls are created for certain gifted actors all the time.

BTW: Is there any other book who’s ending has been re-written more often than Frankenstein? Every version I’ve seen (which is a few) has a completely different ending. The TNT network’s version a few years back is probably the closest to the book that I’ve seen.

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Damne! Another two Pratchett books I haven’t read!

Oh yeah… I was waiting for the paperbacks… :slight_smile:

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Yes, there WAS an Igor (or Ygor) in the classic 1931 Universal FRANKENSTEIN.

He just happened to be named Fritz, that’s all. Played by Dwight Frye.

But he was there all right, helping Dr. Henry Frankenstein (not Victor, as in the novel, figure THAT one out) dig up corpses, cut down hanged criminals, and, of course, dropping Normal Brains and substituting Abnormal ones.

Dwight Frye was back in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935), this time playing Karl. On Dr. Praetorius’ payroll, this time. He killed a poor lonely young woman in the night-time streets to get a nice fresh heart for the Monster’s mate.

By the time of SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939) we had Bela Lugosi and Ygor, and that’s the role that entered Spiritus Mundi…