What is the origin of matter?

No clever wit or scintillating repartee - just the question…

Matter is what happens when energy cools down enough to clump.

Details, please? All matter is clumped energy? And the origin of energy, then?

Yes, “matter” is just another state of energy.

The answer to the origin of energy has to be “I don’t know” at this time.

I’d say the big bang created matter. Or perhaps it released matter. One of the two I believe…

And the “details” are complicated enough to fill several physics courses. People much better versed in math than me tell me it works.

Energy was created at the time of the big bang. Asking what the origin of energy is, is the same as asking what came before the big bang. This has no answer. All the things we use to interact with the universe (gravity, matter, temp., velocity, every thing in fact that we call the universe) was created then. There is not way to measure anything before then because it was fundimentally different.

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