What is the origin of your SDMB name?

A bumper sticker I saw once on a big truck I was following so as not to miss my exit. I’ve looked it up, and still don’t quite understand what it is.

Another one of those “That name has already been chosen” frustrations years ago.

I just looked at the ceiling, and pecked out random letters (Was not a touch typist - still not a touch typist) and when I looked again I had typed ‘cytopiu’.

A quick edit to delete the last 2 letters, and I’ve got something short, memorable and never had a problem when registering since…

Not boasting, but I used to own a second home in Southern Italy, and SanVito was the first part of the name of the nearest town.

The house was expensive to run and a pain to upkeep, and became a noose around my neck, so I sold it, but I still miss it.

Laziness. I had recently written my one-and-only-ever review for the Internet Movie Database, and for my user name I chose to play on “Pauline Kael”. I think I rendered it slightly differently there, with a couple of apostrophes to more closely match her name.

Honoria is a small twig on a distant branch of my family tree. It’s easy for me to remember and almost always available in instances where I need to come up with an online user name - perhaps due to the historical connection with Attila the Hun.

That might also explain why the name stayed a twig on a distant branch rather than making its way to successive branches as the tree grew over the decades even as other family names showed up repeatedly through the generations. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: