What is the origin of your SDMB name?

Hilary Algar is a fictional television / movie character who is Garth Algar’s mom. Garth Algar is Wayne Campbell’s best friend. Wayne and Garth co-host the CATV show Wayne’s World.

Wayne and Garth are also both from Aurora, IL.


Wayne thinks Garth’s mom is really super smoking hot.

So, what is the origin of your SDMB name?

Elendil was a great King of Men in ancient days in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. I’d be honored to actually be a descendant of his, if he’d been real. My username and variants of that phrase appear several times in The Lord of the Rings, referring to his eldest son and successor, Isildur, as well as to Aragorn, who eventually becomes king himself.

I know it is probably not wise to use your IRL name, but Kay Aker, at your service!

Elmer J Fudd was the resident router for the Red Rock River Railroad.

In the early 90s, I signed up for AOL. My name is Andy and that was obviously taken, but I didn’t want to be Andy4256. So I thought it might be cool if my name was framed by capital I’s, which with serif looked to me like Roman pillars. Originally on AOL I was IIIAndyIII (3 I’s on each side). At some point I lost my password, so I recreated it as IIAndyIIII. Then, at some point, I stopped capitalizing. But I’ve stuck with it ever since.

Mine was inspired by my total lack of imagination and creativity.

Whatever floats your boat. :grin:

Mine simply means “Yes my friend” as I am usually the “good cop” reassuring people things are going to be alright. In my avatar check out the guy on my right, he’s my bad cop persona that you don’t want to mess with.

My initials are D.C., and at the time I joined I was living in Washington, D.C. I still live in the area, I’m less than a mile from the border, but I’m technically no longer a D.C. resident.

Mine is a common joke about residents of New Jersey. In theory we give directions to anywhere in the state by “What Exit” off a highway is near.

For many of us, it’s not a joke. When I was changing my username 15 years ago, I asked for suggestions and this came up and I liked it. it was Crotalus that suggested it. Great guy.

I never heard the joke as an 18 year old. In bootcamp someone heard me say I was from Jersey and jokingly asked What Exit? I replied without even thinking.

“Oh, Exit 105, do you know the area?”

Stuck me as funny and so I went with it.

My avatar was made by me in Paint & paint.net and is the Garden State Parkway sign with my username instead of Garden State Parkway.

“Panache” is the last word of my favorite play, Cyrano de Bergerac. Back on AOL, there was already someone named “Panache”, so I added the year of my birth.

cincinnatus is in reference to “civic virtue,” something I long for in all of us, especially elected officials.

Lucius Cincinnatus was known for that.

A notorious consumer of wine, he was usually drunk and had to be supported by satyrs or carried by a [donkey]. Silenus was described as the oldest, wisest and most drunken of the followers of Dionysus, and was said in [Orphic] hymns to be the young god’s tutor… When intoxicated, Silenus was said to possess special knowledge and the power of prophecy.

Seemed to fit.

Goes back to George Bush the Lesser and his 3 ended axis of evil.

Years ago, the late Kopek and I were participating at a 1750s-era colonial festival. At some point, the Royal Governor and I were “arguing” over an item on display. The Royal Governor looked at Kopek and said loudly, “Sir, please control your old wench!”

Always makes me think of the Order of Cincinnatus and Washington doing the right thing and stepping aside after 8 years as President. Never trying to be more.

Squirrel Nut Zippers were my favorite band at the time, and JJ is m’name.

I’ve had this screen name for over 20 years now and use it everywhere so it’s who I am.

I’m a scientist working in the area of artificial intelligence. I routinely get blamed for working on killer robots, so that’s part of it. Buy why BeepKillBeep? Well, there was an old web comic called “Adventurers” and in that web comic that was a killer robot. It would quite routinely say “Beep Kill Beep” And so there you go.



Our (my wife and I) first dog was a Border Collie with a sense of humor. She thought the height of hilarity was to find me right after her dinner–no matter where in the house I was–look me right in the face and BUUUUUURP! then trot off, tail wagging happily. btwm became her nickname and that came from combining Krypto The Superdog (Superboy) with Squirt the Wonder Skunk (Johnny Carson’s “Art Fern’s Tea Time Movie”). My avatar is a pic of her from her first snowstorm, which is why it’s fuzzy.