What is the pass/fail point in Army1-1-1 assessment?

I have the pocket physical training guide which states the 1 mile run times for pass/fail. I can’t find the same info for the other tests.
I looked at the on line charts for push-ups and sit-ups, so I know my age adjusted score, now I need to know where the pass/fail point is for those exercises.
I am just using the program to get in shape. I have no contact with anyone in the Army to ask.
For the curious, they have four different month long programs to follow, depending on if you passed the one mile run time cut-off, the one minute push up cut off, and the one minute sit up cutoff.
(Took my 50 year old bones nine minutes and 25 seconds to run a mile-fail):smiley:

Well, looking over the schedules, tomorrow, in addition to the conditioning and stretching, I have to run for 10 minutes for the “out of shape” 4 schedule, or 15 minutes for the “passed all tests” “in shape” schedule, so it doesn’t appear to be a big difference.