What Is The Past Tense Of "Text"?

Now that the word “text” has entered the English language as a verb instead of a noun, what is the past tense?
Is it a regular or irregular verb?

For instance:
Mary texted her boyfriend before rear-ending the car in front of her.
Mary text her boyfriend before rear-ending the car in front of her.

Granted, asking people who text for advice about spelling and grammar is sort of like asking the Pope for advice about cunnilingus, but thought I would give it a go.

So, what is the past tense of “text”?

I use “texted”, but the word is probably too new as a verb for there to be a definite answer.

I use “texted”, and I’ve never heard “text” used as past simple. If I heard your second example spoken, I would probably assume you were saying “Mary texts her boyfriend”.

I have always used texted as past tense, “always” meaning in the last few years since text has become a verb.

I usually say “texted.” But I’d love to make it some sort of irregular verb. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say that you “toxt” your boyfriend last night? I’d love it.

I was thinking of making the irregular “taxt” but I think that’s how some people say “taxed” or “text,” depending on your accent… plus “toxt” sounds funnier.

I’m doing this from now on.

I’d vote for “texted” for clarity. When new words come along, the users invent the usage.

Verbing weirds language.

Clearly, “texted”.

New verbs are always regular unless there’s an obvious analogous irregular verb.

Another for “texted.” But, strangely, when I text that word, my phone says it doesn’t exist.

Tex’d. :slight_smile:



And not this. “Tex’d” would be the past tense of a verb “tex”, which fortunately does not exist.

Mary did text her boyfriend before rear-ending the car in front of her.

No. The apostrophe shows a contraction–the omitted letters could well be T E.

Regardless, I will go to my grave saying–if I must make the reference at all–“sent a message.”

“txtd”, of course. Pronounced “texted”. And not capitalized.
(Ow! Stop throwing things! kthnx.)

I agree.

I used to TeX my papers in college; does that count?

“Texted”. Easy.

Texted. I have never heard “text” as the past tense.