What is the "penis ensues" joke?

I just heard this recently on SDMB–can anyone explain? Thanks!

Here is where it all began.

Is that like a “Penis Mighter”? Because if you’ve got them and they work, I’ll buy 10! :slight_smile:

Why do you need 10? :eek:

Moved to ATMB.

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Christmas presents?

OOP. :eek: The SDMB is truly the place to go to for everything you never knew you never wanted to know about all the revolting substances that the human body is capable of producing.

Okay, I’m done shitting on the thread now. You can have it back.

Since this question has come up several times, I wonder if it would be worth adding to the Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards? I would propose:

Penis ensues – originally a typo for “panic ensues.” Now used as shorthand for the expected consequences of an unexpected or unusual event.

Hey, even people who’ve been here awhile can miss these things!