What is the pipe coming out of my house?

I was poking around picking some weeds outside my bedroom window. its one of those windows that extends out about a foot from the wall. Anyway under it there was a pipe about an inch in diameter coming out near the slab, and the previous owner stuck an auto funnel under it into the dirt. So I guess something pours out of it. what could it be?

Drainage? The house I grew up in had something like that on the side. It was from the pump in the basement that chugged out excess water every so often. I don’t know anything mechanical about it, I just remember as a kid see it periodically spurt water. My grandpa told it was from the sump (sp) pump?..

I don’t have a basement though, its a concrete slab.

Do you have an underground oil tank in the vacinity? If you do it’s the tank vent. Some people (such as my neighbor) dump old motor oil in with the heating oil to get rid of it.

Condensation drain from central A/C. It comes from the drip pan under your A/C evaporator.

Condensation drainage for a central AC system?

Oil tank vents and air conditioner condensate drains have already been mentioned.

My house adds two more little stubs of pipe - the water heater drip pan drain and the water heater T&P (Temperature & Pressure relief) valve outlet. Code here is such that those two things need to be carried away by pipe, rather than just left to drain onto the garage floor.

For reasons known only to the plumber that installed it 18 years ago, those two water heater-related pipes exit the building through different walls.

Just remembered another odd bit of plumbing poking out of my house’s foundation - the drain/test for the fire sprinklers.

In a slab home, the plumbing “spider” is positioned before the concrete is poured. Sometimes lines are laid for purposes the original house won’t use, such as electric conduit for rooms to be built later, or a gas line in an all-electric home. It beats jackhammering the slab later on.