What is the point of poppy-seed cake?

Osteoporosis will accomplish the same thing…

The definitive purpose of poppy seeds is to add to lemon pound cake.

Or make poppy seed cake and slather with peanut butter icing like my MIL does. Yum!

They are using at home cartridge tests produced by an unknown company and I doubt they’ve been trained in proper testing or Quality Control. What methodology do thest tests use? Is pH or specific gravity of the specimen a factor? This is a far cry from standardized testing by trained personnel using calibrated instrumentation in a medical laboratory. There can be some cross reaction issues with other drugs but the poppy seed thing is not true under those conditions in my laboratory. If you’re getting drug tested, make darn sure it’s through a reputable lab, not out of a box kit.



No, but I never perceived any particular pleasure from poppy seed fillings at all, so I’ve been educated here: apparently there are people who think they like the stuff. I guess it’s not one of those ethnic food conspiricies (like turkey) where some of you are eating the food once a year because it’s “traditional”.

FWIW, I’ve read reports of people chewing a couple of pounds of poppy seed a day (just normal stuff from the shop), and it was accepted that the reason was addiction, so it’s not impossible. And poppy-seed tea from decorative dried seed-pods is addictive too, but I don’t know if the method includes mashing up the pod, or just using the seeds.

They used multiple tests both purchased and lab. Every single one came back positive initially. I will add that the lab test tested negative after the first round. The home test continued to test positive even 24 hours after consumtion.

The truncated version of the segment on-line shows only one home drug test used. But the actual segment used both home and lab and more than one test was taken at different time intervals. But-- I may have some details wrong since I remembered them only eating a regular amount of poppy-laced foods and clearly they ate very large amounts of the food.

Also, look how young and trim Jaime and Adam were!