What is the point of threads like this?


I’m sure this will be closed any minute, but what purpose does it serve in the first place? It isn’t advertising illicit streams or anything.

It’s already gone. What was it like?

Spam precursor.

On some boards, new members can’t post links in their first post, as a countermeasure against spam. As a counter-counter-measure against that, some spammers create a meaningless first post, and then edit it to put in the link. The thread title, meanwhile, is a clipped version of some thread that already exists in the forum: I think the idea behind that is that it camouflages it, but that if the thread title were exactly the same, board software might catch it.

If you ever see another thread like that, and running coach hasn’t already beaten you to it, go ahead and report it, and we’ll nuke it from orbit.

Thanks Chronos.

The thread title was a few words clipped from the title of a thread I happened to have just looked at, and the text in the first post was the same as the title.

**What is the point of threads like this? **

For some reason I read that as a song title…then I read the rest of the thread as a 80’s song/power ballad.

Not too bad, you might try it if you’ve nothing better to do.

Sometimes those posts have titles that would have made interesting threads. What was that one recently about disappearing hats?

Any thread where you lose your hat? Iz not a goot thread.

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind;
the answer is blowing in the wind.

“How many roads must a man walk down?”


Yeah! I loved the hats without men thread, I was so hoping the mods would let that one stick around.

Do they actually put out more of these threads at night, or is it just that you guys aren’t hear to cornfield them right away?

Day shift in India.

Probably the latter. I know that we do cornfield plenty of them during the day.

From Designing Women:

The ants are my friends

They’re blowing in the wind

The ants, sir, are blowing in the wind