What is the predominant type of lighting in your home?

I’m talking electric, not natural. Incandescent? Fluorescent? LED? Ours is still incandescent but I’m trying to make the switch to LED. Most of our lighting comes from ceiling fans and our electricity out here in the sticks is prone to surges that tend to pop the incandescents and the fluorescents. If you’ve switched away from incandescents, are you happy with your choice?

I’d make this a poll but I can’t figure out how to do it from Tapatalk.


Incandescents are like 1 or 2% efficient at doing their job, so they need to be chucked in the bin.

We’re mostly LED now. Completely satisfied.

We made the switch from a mixture of CFL and incandescent to mostly LED about a year ago and I don’t regret it. The quality of light is much better than with CFL and the cost to operate is much cheaper than incandescent. The bulbs are rather expensive to purchase but they pay for themselves quickly.

I’m in a rental apartment in which I don’t even pay for electricity and I’m still replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs where possible. I like that the LED bulbs last so much longer. And I like the “daylight” temperature bulbs, particularly in places like the walk-in closet, where I can more easily distinguish colors (such as a black t-shirt from a midnight blue one).

And yes, the LED bulbs are expensive, but they’ve come down over the past few years and I expect they’ll come down further.

Mixture of LED and Halogen Incandescent, which meet the efficiency ratings to be sold though they’re not as efficient as the LED or florescents. Slowly switching to LEDs as they become better.

I’m mostly CFLs, they keep lasting. I’m not one to replace bulbs that are working. If I need to buy new ones I’ll go to LEDs

About 1/3 incandescent, CFL and LED. The incandescents aren’t dying too quickly. I replaced some of them with CFL at first but now I’m on to LED.

Some CFLs have actually blown out before some incandescents. I think I bought a bad 6-pack of those.

Incandescents. But 14 years ago, for about 6 months it was candles when I was living in the Republic of Georgia. There, we only had electricity perhaps 4 hours a day - and some of that was during daylight.

cfls. I’d like to switch to LEDs when they burn out.

CFL, and fluorescent tubes in the kitchen. I’m too cheap for LED and I’ve adapted or don’t care about the common complaints about fluorescent light.

CFL at home, LEDs in the rental. Switching to LEDs in the house involves either changing all the lamps, which I’m not interested in doing, or finding LEDs which fit inside mine (no luck so far).

LED, as of a few months ago. Puget Sound Enery had a promotion where they’d do an energy audit as well as swap out all your bulbs for LED. We took them up on it. About 20 bulbs got us from a mixture to all LED, at no cost to us.

Those fun curly-tube fluoros. But I plan to move up to LEDs as these guys burn out. Might be a while, as fluorescent bulbs are pretty long-lasting!

Incandescents, being slowly replaced by LEDs as they burn out.

Mostly CFL’s. A few LED’s–there are some really small ones that fit small lamps, used more for atmosphere than “lighting.”

Will replace the CFL’s with LED’s but they are darn long lasting. I’ve got several ceiling light fixtures–so I need to drag the ladder in whenever a bulb needs changing. Don’t miss incandescent at all…

Incandescents for my household. And it will stay that way for quite a while.

Same here. A few years ago when CFL curly bulbs got cheap I replaced everything in the house with them expecting that they would quickly burn out like every was bitching that they did, and I’d spread the expense of LEDs across the months as needed. 5 years later the CLFs are all going fine.

About two-thirds LED, one-third incandescent. I keep meaning to get more LEDs to replace the incandescents as they burn out, but I keep forgetting.

We’re very happy with the LEDs. I was dubious, because I’d tried a couple of LEDs about ten years back and what they gave off barely even counted as light, but the ones we have now are great. The light off them is actually cleaner and nicer than it was before.