What is the procedure to launch Trident SLBMs from an Ohio class submarine?


Is this accurate?

Here are some of the terms I have heard used:

•Emergency Action Message (EAM)
•Missile Key
•Sealed Authenticator System (SAS)
•Nuclear Control Order
•National Military Command Center (NMCC)

How is the targeting done?

How many missile keys are there and who has them?

…need answer fast.

Do you honestly believe you will ever receive an honest answer in a public forum?

Previous thread kinda-sorta on this topic-

Re the accuracy question from that thread -

From…our news sources, always indicated that while ICBMs and bombers needed direct communications from the president to go nuclear, that subs, because of the flaky state of communication with them when they are submerged at patrol depth, while having some safe guards, could launch without any codes at all.

This video shows some of the procedure.


Too complicated - I thought they just pushed the “Hey, Cap’n, what’s this big red button do?”

Excuse me, can you tell me where are the nuclear wessels?