What is the proper way to fire a .50 cal rifle?

I have an Armalite AR-50.
It’s a single-shot, bolt-action rifle, and with the scope it weighs about 35 pounds, and is 5 feet long.

You **could **shoot it from the hip, but you wouldn’t want to.

The muzzle brake on it is huge, and reduces the recoil to no more than a 12-gauge shotgun as mentioned above.

If you ever watch a show where they demonstrate the main gun on a tank, that’s what this is like. Every bit of dirt and dust and debris for 20 feet around just jumps off the ground when you shoot.

Directly behind the gun the noise is managable, but off to the sides is to be avoided even with ear protection.

I have a 700 yard range nearby to go play on.
I could never live in California!