What is the purose of hermetically sealing a coffin?

Reading this thread about casket warrantees there were a few statements made along the lines of hermetically sealing a coffin so that the body will not be affected by the elements. I realise the body will still decay although I suppose it may not it is has been embalmed. As far as I am concerned it that it’s a natural process of death that eventually you will decompose and return to to the earth. What I don’t understand is the reason for not wanting the body to decay. Can any body shed some insight in this?

Well, Snow White came back to life after all… After one kiss from Prince whatshisname.

I don’t know. Some people are in such denial about death that preserving the flesh means eternal life? Beats me. As an atheist, all I know is that once you die the remaining carcass might as well be burned or jettisoned into space for all I care.

I would only care if my coffin was hermetically sealed if it was going to be above-ground and on permanent display. Isn’t Lenin’s tomb like that? When I was a little kid and my dad came back from Russia and talked about seeing Lenin’s preserved body, I thought he was talking about John Lennon. (I knew my Beatles even back then, and knew that Lennon was shot, and I figured he was important enough to have his body preserved forever.)

Lenin doesn’t decay because he is embalmed, and is in a climate-controlled glass box (as are Mao and Ho Chi Minh - I’ve scored the triumvirate of dead Commie dictators), though there was a rumour at one point in the 1980s that his head had caved in and had to be replaced.

Snow White.


[li]Raven black hair.[/li][li]Ruby red lips[/li][li]Very pale skin, as white as snow. Abnormal, in a pre-industrial society.[/li][li]Lives with supernatural beings (dwarves), who are obsessively loyal to her, for no obvious reason.[/li][li]Possesses such extreme beauty that government employees (the Queen’s Huntsman) will disobey their orders & serve her.[/li][li]Her revenge against the Queen (in the non-Disney versions) is extraordinarily bloody.[/li][li]Slept in a glass coffin.[/li][li]Rose, after being “dead”.[/li][li]Ergo–Snow White is a vampire.[/li][/ul]

If they are not hermetically seals don’t bodies tend to liquify? My CSI memory is eluding me this early in the morning.

A hermetically sealed casket will not prevent a body from liquifying. Indeed, it will contain the noxious fluid, and prevent it from draining into the soil or evaporating:

No casket for me. Fire purifies completely.

I heard that his ear fell off while some gawping tourist was paying respects

Lend me your ear and I’ll sing you a song,
And I’ll try not to sing out of key.

Sorry wrong Lenin. Ringo actually…

So, sealing a coffin has nothing to do with keeping zombies from getting out?

Doesn’t anybody read The Perfect Master anymore?

The purpose of “hermetically sealing” a coffin is simply to con more money from a greiving family member. It works far too often. :frowning:

Has Bosda been reading Neil Gaiman, or is this just an obvious conclusion?