What is the purpose for the fake trees all aroung Los Angeles?

Hi. Has anyone else noticed these fake trees all around the city?? A friend thinks maybe they house some sort of hidden camera or satellite antenna thing. But if that is the case, why conceal it in a very well done fake tree?? The government doesn’t have to hide their devices. I took a picture and in it you can actually see how the branches are screwed on to the fake trunk. I touched the tree and it is very lifelike, except it is made of metal. Here is the pic. http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l542/btrani01/SDC12136.jpg

Thanks for any info.

Cell phone towers.

Thanks Johnny!!!

They don’t have to hide it, but it’s prettier if they do.

Like the Pig Murals. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re better than regular towers, but I would prefer Ericsson’s “Tower Tubes.”