What is the **Real** Cure for hiccoughs/hiccups ??

I am sure there has to be a real cure to the phenom, but I dont want posts responding with wonder cures… its a wonder if it works. And also I dont want answers that get us no where fast, putting your elbow in your mouth for example.

All those tricks you hear about are ways to bring your breathing back under control. I have learned how to do this more directly, by learning what it feels like shortly before a hiccup comes on and stopping it before it stops. I don’t know how to describe it very well, but it does work.

Try eating a spoonful of sugar.

Afterwards, I can’t even force myself to hiccup. Works every time.


the cause is typically air bubbles pressing on the vagus nerve.
Anything to disoldge that bubble will help. Sugar seems to be the best reliable cure. one teaspoon will usually cure most people but sometimes 2 or 3 teaspoons are necessary (spaced a few minutes apart). We found a sugar dipped binky to be very effective for our granddaughters hiccups when she was an infant.

All I can tell you is what works for me, and that is taking a deep breath and holding it. Voila!

drink from the backside of a cup of water
works every time…

I’m with the “holding your breath” votes. But I had never heard the sugar one, which seems popular,- hmm - I must remember that one!

But a sugar coated “binky”. “BINKY” being the horse of Death (Pratchett), well, what an image that conf=jures up. I should think that would stop hiccups PDQ!


Cecil seems to advocate digital rectal massage.

One I’ve never ever seen fail on anyone: take 9 sips of water (or beer, or tea, or whatever) in a row.

Bilateral cervical vagotomy.

Try a headstand. Almost always works.

Repeatedly swallowing ones own saliva works for some people.

Holding my breath for a long enough time works every time for me. But when you breathe in again, you must do so slowly (your natural tendancy, since you just held your breath, would be to breath strongly and deeply, which might result in the hiccup resuming).