What is the secret organization "PEO"

My grandma grew up, lived, and died in Nebraska. When she died a few years ago, during her euology, it was mentioned that she was a member of “PEO”. Recognizing an acronym when I hear one, I later asked my dad (her son) what “PEO” was.

All I could find out from anyone was:

  • NONE of the men in the family knew what “PEO” was (as an organization OR an acronym)
  • My mom is a member of PEO, too
  • The men don’t know because they’re not allowed to know. The members swear a secrecy oath to take it to their grave
  • The only thing anyone outside the “membership” is allowed to know is that someone is a member

So this, of course, leads to great curiosity. When I ask my mom what it’s all about, she just smiles and says she can’t tell me.

Tonight, on a lark, I googled “PEO”, and found a web page (www.peointernational.org) for an organztion calling itself “PEO”, that apparently started in 1869 in Des Moines, IA (pretty darn close to Nebraska, and old enough).

In fact, somewhere on the page is a picture of a brass five-point star with the letters P. E. O. (and nothing else). I’ve seen this stuck on a rod in the ground at graves where my grandma is buried.

The web page flashes the phrase “Promoting Educational Opportunities for women” over and over.

So, that phrase fits “PEO”, and its age, geography, and “for women” orientation all fit in.

However, no where on the web site (that I could find in a cursory scan) specifically STATED what PEO stood for, nor did it refer to any kind of secrecy, and the very presence of the web site, with descriptions of projects, etc., sort of bely any secrecy.

So, I don’t know if I found the answer to my quest, or not.

Does anyone know what PEO is?


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There’s a phone number on the web site for their headquarters in Des Moines. Why don’t you just call them?


Here’s a link to kniz’s cite.

The P.E.O. owns and operates Cottey College, a two-yr. girls school located in Nevada, Mo.

A teacher of my daughter suggested she applied to Cottey and she was accepted but decided to go to a closer school. Anyway, that’s why we visited the campus back in then.

I had never heard of it before that and when I was told there were only about 350 kids I didn’t expect much. Well,was I shocked! The campus must have covered 10-12 city blocks and several of the buildings could have individually housed the entire student body at least once.

Sounds like Kniz essentially confirms (and suplements) what I learned. I guess I was closer than I tought.

Thanks everyone.

Andy :slight_smile:

When I was at University of Missouri - Rolla we would do an occasional road trip to Cottey College for some of their socials. This was a good mix with Cottey as an all girls school, and UMR a science/engineering school with a male-female ratio of about 7-1 when I was there in the early 80’s.

The only ‘answer’ we got about the meaning of PEO was “Pigs Eat Onions”. I suspect the meaning is quite mundane but they keep it secret to drive us crazy.

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Hmm… being female and living in central Iowa (I work in Des Moines), I’ve never heard of this.

The HQ is actually right on my commute. I guess I could check to see if it looks anything like a Masonic temple. :wink:

Seriously, though – would a local be of help here?

Pssst… come close and I will tell you what I know. I can only post this now because my wife is currently taking a nap. If she finds this post, well… I might have counted my last bean.

According to my wife, P.E.O. stands for Philanthropic Education Organization. It’s main goal is to promote education for women. It has already been listed that they run a college. They also give scholarships and aid to women in school.

Their meetings are secretive. They actually had one at our house in our basement. I was banished to the upstairs during the meeting but I could hear some things. Mostly it involved laughing and giggling. I am sure it was brought about by some nefarious means.

My father-in-law, whose wife is also a member, refers to them as the penis envy organization.

Yes, but do they have a song?

I was just kidding, but Bean Counter I believe you just may be a dead man if your wife ever finds out about your post.

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Damnit, just because it’s a junior college doesn’t make it a “girl’s school.” Call it a woman’s college, because that’s what it is.

The P.E.O isn’t that secretive. I mean, it may keep many of its details secret, but they don’t go to efforts to hide or deny its existence.

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I’m moved to tears. So many of you risking being Lorena Bobbitted by the wife, just to help fight ignorance.

Then again, maybe you’re just ticked off at the wives…

Because he had to leave the house on the nights my Mom hosted the meetings, my father called it Phil Eats Out.

PEO is a service organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and is most notably associated with Cottey College in Missouri. The only requirement for membership is to believe in God and, although the group is thought to be primarily Protestant, all religions are accepted. Historically, the primary reason for “secrecy” was that the members seek to do their good works without regard to publicity or other public recognition.

Thank you, although most of this was already covered in this thread…almost a decade and a half ago.


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