What is the signifigance of the number 216...

Let me explain the origin of this question. My father and I are reading through the Left Behind series of books. In these novels, the number 216 plays a key role, yet its meaning has not been explained yet. The Anti-Christ seems to have a fascination with the number but it is unclear to the characters why.

So why is it?

I have seen the movie Pi http://us.imdb.com/Title?0138704 and in this movie, I believe there is a Jewish Cult who are looking for the 216 character name for God.

So there it is again. What is the meaning of this number?

Looks like a reference to the number of the beast:

666 = 216.

I think Cabbage is right about 216 in the LB series. I didn’t remember 216 in Pi. (You’re the first person I’ve run into that’s mentioned that movie.)

Personally, I think 206 is more significant. (MP reference, anyone?)

I would recommend that you rent the movie Pi. The true name of God that was known by the highest Jewish priests is supposed to be 216 letters long.

Somebody else asked this a little while ago: