What is the term for the "eyebrows" deal in soap operas (before the commercial.)

Never saw a soap opera.
Never wasted one second of my life on them, and that’s a fact, and by fact I mean lie.

So, they all have them, when the confrontation of an affair, or secret, just before the commercial, the actors/ess will do the “eyebrow-raise/face-squint/WTF?”… look.

I would think it would be in the script. I cannot be improv, it has to have a term.

They do it on EVERY soap opera, not that I’d know, and by know I mean WTF?

In terms of drama history, it would be a form of tableau, which IIRC were common in melodramas: all actors on stage would strike a pose and hold it (howsoever illogical that might be) as the curtain fell for an act.

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You really should have had a tableau before that scene change.

Soaps also use this as a device to help timing. Every scene has extra seconds at the end which can be cut out or used for padding. This helps editors make each episode the exact right length.

(I caught your Days of Our Lives reference, and that’s a fact.)

There are still soap actors who can raise their eyebrows? I thought they were all so botox’d that was impossible now.

I thought the official actors guild term was “smelled a fart acting.”

That’s how Joey described it on Friends. I don’t think it would need to be in the script. The director could instruct the noobs but after a few episodes the actors probably just know when to do it.

Darn, you beat me to it.

[Joey] "It’s like, you got so many lines to learn so fast, that sometimes you need a minute to remember your next one. So while you’re thinkin’ of it, you take this big pause where you look all intense. . .[Joey]