What is the "turbo" key for?

It´s been two years since i bought this keyboard and I still haven´t figured out what the heck this key, bellow the enter key, is good for.

Enlighten me, please.

Aha, so that´s what it does… but what is it good for? :confused:

Is there really a necessity for a specialized key for changing the repeat speed?, I have never needed to change the repeat in my computer from it´s highest setting; I can´t think of a good reason to have a key just for that.

Hey, how many people use the Scroll Lock? Why do we need the Caps Lock right next to one of the most hit keys on the keyboard? Who really swaps from Insert to Typeover? What the hell are all these email/shopping/iTouch keys on my keyboard?

There is no logic to modern keyboards anymore, they just keep changing them so the technicians have a job.

Or the freaking F-lock key :mad: :mad: :mad:

Hey, I do that all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m a programmer, and am often taking bits of text and modifying them slightly - who knows. I’m often working in a command prompt, changing what I just did a little, then running it again.

I do know that when I got a new computer at work with a keyboard that moved the whole Insert/home/PageUp block down one row and put another row of keys on top, so that the insert key was replaced by the freakin shut-down key, it lasted about 1 hour (and ~10 accidental shutdowns) before the keyboard was exiting the fourth floor window.


Hey, I do. I need it to operate my KVM* switch – hit Scroll Lock twice, followed by an arrow key. I imagine they chose Scroll Lock as it’s least likely to conflict with other programs. :slight_smile:

Well, probably because it’s where the “Shift Lock” key used to be on a standard typewriter. I remember that was a hard one to get used to, since it locks capital letters but does NOT affect numbers & punctuation keys, so now we gotta hit “Shift” to type !@#$%^&*()_+:"? You’re right that it’s the #1 most accidentally hit button on the keyboard, though!

*KVM = Keyboard/Video/Mouse switch, which allows you to use the same K/V/M for two computers. Handy little tool, that.

WAG - it’s something that gamers may have a desire for.

There’s a workaround for the Microsoft F-lock key here, for Win 2000/XP only, which makes the thing behave normally at start-up.

I’d always assumed the F-lock key was to summon the G-eese.

I use the Typeover when I’m writing and making relatively minor spelling changes. It’s just a bit easier, that’s all.

The e-mail and shopping keys are shortcuts for a) your e-mail program and b) a shopping website. I also have a “connect” key that will try to connect to CompuServe. It’s unused now, because I no longer have a dialup connection at home.


It turns on magic.

Not if you pop it off and throw it in the garbage. Best idea I had in a while.