What is the Universe like, as you see it?

“Reality leaves a lot to imagination.”
Or does it?

Please vote in this poll to see what SDMB users think the Universe is like. The poll allows multiple choice. Comments on choices are more than welcome.

Which thread is the real one, plus none have a poll feature.

I’ve sent a mod alert thingy to sort out your threads. :slight_smile:

There are more things in heaven and earth, UY Scuti, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


Interesting topic, but your poll is borked. Try again.

I am a fan of Socratic ignorance.

Put forth a better one and I’ll be the first to migrate there.

This is the real McCoy. It offers choices galore.

Okay, I messed it up again. I’ll give up for the time being.

The poll does not allow multiple choices - try again.

Or don’t

I got a digry in philosophy. I learned that the universe is defined as “that which is”. I like that definition. Because that which is, is everything. Matter/ anti matter. Everything!

I’ll keep this thread open for now, but if you make another one, I’ll close this one.
I will be closing your other two attempts, however.

All those choices, and you managed to miss the most obvious one: No one knows yet what the universe is like.

Do you have a digry-do? 'Cause I have a ukulele and we could jam sometime…

Super-duper Zoid! Do you get to Mexico often?

The universe is soft and mushy.

Depends on if I have a place to crash :wink:


The poll doesn’t have a choice for those that believe that the Universe is pre-determined and free-will is an illusion.


Somehow, an inanimate, pre-determined universe begat life.
Somehow, a living ecosystem begat consciousness.
Somehow, conscious beings begat free will.