What is the word for this logic term?

The definition, IIRC, was “an incorrect conclusion resulting from a faulty premise.” I seem to recall stumbling upon it while looking for something else, but now I don’t recall the word, and it seemed like one that I could use once in a while.

Any ideas???

It wouldn’t simply be “fallacy,” would it? I’m not sure.

How about this one?

Petitio principii / Begging the question
This fallacy occurs when the premises are at least as questionable as the conclusion reached. Typically the premises of the argument implicitly assume the result which the argument purports to prove, in a disguised form.

I got that from here by the way.

Fallacy n. - an often plausible argument using false or invalid inference.

  • Webster’s 10th ed.

Looks good to me.

Thanks, muppetsoup. It’s worded slightly differently in my dictionary (MW’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Eighth Edition, 1980), but it is exactly the one I remember.

No problem. I’ve had that page bookmarked forever, comes in handy more often than I thought.