What is the world record for hating Vista the soonest?

No fair to claim hating Vista before you used it – no negative time numbers here.

My number one urgent thing to figure out how to switch off is some kind of “smart” selection function. If you hover your mouse over a button for more than second or so, it pretends you hit the button.

My number two thing is to get it to stop questioning my authority. If I tell it to do something, fucking DO it, and don’t ask my permission to do it. This is not college dorm sex.

Any ideas you have on how to De-Vista or Un-vista will be appreciated. Really I want Vista Lite – I want it to look like Vista so my friends will think I’m keeping up, but I don’t really want to do anything different from what I’ve been doing for years. Which reminds me, is there anything about Vista that makes watching porn any better or easier? If so, I’d like to hold onto that.

When I was a kid, there was just the DOS prompt. It was a simple time. The internet had no pictures. It was not available to the unwashed masses…

Oh, don’t get me started. When I was a kid, programming was actually mostly punch card. But I still have all my hair, so I pretend I’m still young enough to have “grown up” with DOS.


I would’ve said hoi polloi as I remember the early days and unwashed is a perfect adjective.

As for your mouse, check under the “Ease of Access” section and “Change how your mouse works”. There’s an “activate a window by hovering over it…” button.

You want to turn off User Access Control. It’s in Control Panel, User Accounts. It is incredibly annoying but I recommend you leave it on if you’re going to be running Windows as an admin user: it makes Vista bullet-proof against rootkits.

I hated it within seconds.

I did this with my new laptop and now I get “OMG! Serious security problems with your computer!!!Eleventy-One!” popups. Not only that, but the bastard thing drops its wireless DHCP-assigned IP, but not the wireless connection, every 20-30 minutes, and will not reconnect without a restart. (The problem is not with the router as my other laptop running XP holds the connection indefinitely.) It freezes intermittently, usually something to do with the wireless connection, and doesn’t wake up from sleep either - though that might be something to do with Acer not Vista - and essentially is the biggest PoS I’ve ever used. They tried to copy OSX and ended up with OSARSE.

Anyone think I should I try W7 release candidate instead?

A good rule of thumb is never buy a Microsoft program until they announce its replacement.

I’m running the Windows 7 RC and so far, quite like it. It’s really Vista as it should have been - lots of nice new interface features (some annoying new ones, of course; I hate the fact that the Start menu has done away with cascading menus without the option to put it back) and overall my impression’s been pretty favourable. I haven’t seen any application incompatibility or driver problems so far, apart from the minor one that I can’t seem to find a driver for my touchpad that allows me to use scroll zones. Other than that, it was a pretty painless install, and I quite like it.

Can’t match Jjimm’s time span, but my wife’s birthday present laptop came with Vista.

12 minutes after she turns it on, she asks me to put XP on it. I set XP up to dual boot with Vista. 10 minutes after she started using XP on it, she suggested getting rid of the Vista install because she’d never use it again.

'Nuff said!!!

Any truth to the rumors that if you buy a Vista machine after July 1 you’ll get a free upgrade to Windows 7?

We just ordered a new computer from Dell. It was supposed to be delivered by the 30th, now they’ve pushed that back to 7/7, and perhaps that’ll qualify us for the upgrade when the time comes…

Within seconds…

No thanks.

It appears that the decision is down to the individual manufacturers: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/01/20/free-upgrade-to-windows-7-program-for-windows-vista-pc-from-july-1/, so you may or may not be eligible. I think Dell would be idiotic not to give people the opportunity; and the start date may be pushed back to 1 April, so you may have a good chance. The only definitive source of information is Microsoft, and I don’t think they’ve gone public with this just yet.

I thought the release date was 22nd October?

Anyone else seen this before in Vista?

I have when I’m using my touchpad on my Vista laptop, but as pointed out above, it’s apparently a Control Panel setting that can be disabled. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it happen before on a XP computer.

I don’t mind the security notifications, but this problem happens only on the Vista laptop I got as a “hand-me-down” from my husband. 99% of the time it’s when iTunes checks for podcast updates, which sucks because sometimes it cuts out so fast I can’t download any podcasts at all. I went back to my original, slower Vista laptop just so I don’t have to deal with that headache.

I’m pretty sure stpauler has.

And I feel a need to fart on the thread. If you haven’t given it a chance don’t complain about it. If you’ve used Vista and don’t like it, stop. Use DOS. Use 98. Use XP. Use OSX. Use one of those free OSes. If you hate the MS tax pay the Mac tax or build your own. It’s a product that doesn’t require a fan or hate club.