What is the worst language (cursing-wise) that has ever been allowed in a Superman or Batman comic?

I know there was a Thor series that used the word “fuck” and had some pretty adult themes. Anything like that in the DC Comics universe?

Does “I’m the goddamn Batman!!!” count?

You don’t think “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” to be offensive to a variety of religions, beliefs, and historians?

Batman’s Boner!

snicker You know those itty bitty shorts and spandex don’t hide much.

Well, if you knew what “Mxyzptlk” really means…

That series included f-bombs, actually, though they were supposed to be censored. A printing error left them visible. (I’m of the opinion that that was deliberate. If they (they being Miller, his editor and letterer) didn’t want that to happen, why write the word non-censored to begin with?)

The Dark Knight sequel (and my God, I never appreciated how much Denny O’Neil and Klaus Janson really contributed to the first!) was pretty blue, if memory holds. Also, the Arkham Asylum GN by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean.

The “Super-Man” from Acme Comics and Novelties might not count, but good lord…!

Does cussing in other languages count? I’ve heard tell of shot-down Nazi pilots exclaiming “Scheiss!” as they crashed, though I’m not sure what comic that was from.