What is the worst thing that you have ever tasted?

I work with photographic chemistry a lot, (developer, stop bath, fixer…) and somehow, washing my hands, after hours of processing, slipped my mind. Yes, I had rinsed them, but when I had those Hooters hot wings an hour later, the chemistry didn’t quite taste right. There really is no way of explainging exactly how bad it was, but I will never eat a hot wing from Hooters again without thinking about the wing being extremely overdeveloped.

Evil. I tasted evil, and it was bad.

swainpup, I decided to stop eating hot wings because they tasted funny too. But I didn’t have any chemicals on my hands at the time. :wink:

I’d have to say salt when not covering anything.

An anchovy pizza, when I was 17. I excused myself and went into the bathroom and threw up.

Now, 40 years later, I would kill(right now, tonight) for that same pizza. Well, maybe I wouldn’t kill an Afghan :smiley:

Brake fluid.
Not on purpose. I had a cold, head all stuffed up, breathing thru the mouth type cold. Bench-bleeding a master cylinder and some fluid sprayed into my mouth. Much rinsing with mouth wash. The thought of shaving my tounge came up. Avoid brake fluid.

Diet Pepsi with cigarette ashes.

If anyone has a really bad enemy, light a cigarette and put the ashes in their soda. Guaranteed to disgust!

Novocaine. My stupid dentists always ssem to squirt some in my mouth.

Took a big swig of what I thought was my beer, turned out it was the can I was using for a spitoon.


When I was a kid I had asthma, and I had some yellow medicine that had a vaguely medicinal flavor, with a nasty alcohol kick, and the texture of snot, no kidding. I used to try to hide the wheezing to put off the moment when I’d have to take some Tedral.

35 years and geez how it comes back. [shudder]

When I was 4, my mouth was all set for to taste chocolate kiss when I filched a beef bullion cube. I mean, it was brown and wrapped in foil!

I did that too, but with a bag of frozen meatballs I thought were those pre-rolled cookie dough balls.

Oddly enough, it took me about halfway through the meatball before I realized what I was eating.

I had heartburn at work. A psychotic co-worker said he had a cure. It was a ‘homiopathic oil’. He put 2 drops in a small cup of water and I drank it.

It took me 5 frantic hours to get that damned taste out of my mouth.

One day I will drink wheatgrass juice, and then I will trump you all.

Have you ever seen anyone try to drink that stuff? They hold it and look at it for a minute, like it’s a shot of tequila. It takes a while for them to get their nerves up.

Two things

Kahlua, Scotch, Rumplemintz and (gag) Jagermeister. Downed it thinking it was something else, fell off my stool and crawled to the nearest toilet to barf. I think the Brake Fluid would taste like Honey nectar compared to that vile mix



Not bad in small doses. Yet I managed to get a big wad of it in my mouth thanks to my adverted eyes and a cruel friend who rolled it into a california roll

Ever felt your nose hair burn off?

Lets not even mention what happens two hours later.

I will take the line from a great joke

“I need to wipe my ass with a snow cone.”


I tasted love, and it was horrible.

I don’t understand, it has sugar in it, why was it so salty?


Good answer, Nocturne! :slight_smile:

For me, I’d have to say it was, uh … one morning while I was far less than awake - I think it was during “Hell Month” when the school musical rehearsals lasted all night, and the National Forensic League debate district and state competitions were scheduled, and the Academic Superbowl district competition, and ISSMA state competition (a music comp.), our Youth Symphony annual concert-with-the-Philharmonic was scheduled, term papers and large projects were due in all of my classes; thus I was getting less than an hour of sleep a night trying to work on it all - er, let me start over again.

I’d had an hour of sleep, I got up and made myself some brown sugar oatmeal, I rummaged around on the lazy Susan looking for the cinnamon, grabbed a bottle, dumped a lot of cinnamon into the oatmeal, took a bite, and promptly gaggedchokedspewed all over the table.

It was chili powder.

Chili-powder flavoured brown sugar oatmeal is -not- pleasant.

Either that, or the time that I was eating chili while a rather fragrant slice of chocolate cake was nearby. All I could smell was chocolate, and since you taste primarily what you smell, I had chili-textured, chocolate-flavoured goo. It was not a particularly enjoyable occasion.

My brother brought back some canned haggis from Scotland. I think they must’ve run out of dog food labels or something.

I once purchased chili-powder-flavored peanut butter at a convenience store in Amsterdam, thanks to my inability to read labels in Dutch.

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as you might think, but it did taste funny…

I see you’ve met my ex-wife.

Some posters have mentioned the bad reaction that results from expecting one taste and getting another. In that category, the winner would have to be a pastry I bought in Japan. It looked for all the world like a cheese danish…but I found upon tasting it that the “cheese” was this incredibly nasty savory mayonaise stuff.

But as far as the worst flavor in and of itself, the winner would have to be a Hungarian bitters called Unicum.