What is there about tearing up (lacrimation)...

…that a cardiologist would ask this routinely in his New Patient form? Can’t remember how he posed the question, but it was short and sweet - maybe, “Do your eyes tear up?”

I went to his office for the first time a couple of weeks ago, saw the question and made an etched-in-the-memory note to ask him.

And then I forgot.

(My eyes do, but it’s a new thing and unquestionably attributable to my meds.)

Well I want to know too, so I’m bumping this.

But maybe he asked just because he knew your meds might have that affect?

Not just me.

The question appears on the form that all his new patients must complete.

There’s gotta be a reason he asks. I hope I remember to follow up on 2/18 during my next appointment.

And thank you very much for the bump.

I’d like to know why too so if you don’t get an answer to this here can I request that you bump the thread after your 02/18 appointment to let us know?

Will do.

I bookmarked this thread and will come back on 2/18 with
the answer.

Very disappointing.

Tearing Up question was just part of a Medicare study, nothing to do with Cardiology.

Ah. Well that explains why there were no answers here, eh?

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update BarnOwl. I appreciate it.

I thought there may be more to it as both my father and my grandfather have/had the tearing up thing happen to them a lot (not when sad, it just happens at odd moments) and both have/had severe heart disease. I also tear up at odd times and wondered if it may actually be a symptom of something heart related.

Thanks for following up!

Hey, I just saw this, thanks to the bumping and the update, I guess.

I just asked this question of my optometrist, since I’ve had this tearing thing happening once in a while over the last, oh, about 10 years. It’s gotten more noticeable and more frequent in the last 3, and of course haven’t seen an eye doctor in about 2.

So, he didn’t do a tear test or anything, but did tell me I have a mild dry-eye issue going on, and the extra tearing is when the eye is compensating for the cornea drying out. It’s bothersome to me because when the tearing starts, my eyes get an uncomfortable burning (for a few seconds) sensation, that makes the tearing worse, and feels best when I take a tissue (or my shirt if no tissue handy) and rub my eyes until the the tears are gone. Then, all better, sometimes for hours and sometimes for days.

So, tearing can be from dry-eye, and dry-eye can apparently need no other medical intervention if it’s mild enough. Mine’s limiting enough that I can only wear contacts daily. I have the kind that are gentle enough to wear 30-days straight, but I’m only allowed to wear them while I’m awake. Even then, my eyes feel tired after 8-10 hours so I only wear contacts for special occasions, going out, and days off from work.

That was longer than I planned to write… I hope it helped someone.

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I’m sure it did. Thanks for the input, SeaDragonTattoo

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