What is this (19th century pioneer) machine?

I was in Omaha this weekend, and there’s a park downtown with a large sculpture of a wagon train going across the park. The wagons have things like plows and scythes and axes and shovels attached, and also…this thing.

The thing down on the right is clearly a handle, and if you pumped that handle, the left end of the top piece with teeth would go up and down. The teeth make me think that it’s intended to ratchet something.

What is it for?

Looks like a jack (to lift one wheel for repair?)

Of course!

It is the jack, for the wagon wheels.

Wagon jack - definition of Wagon jack by The Free Dictionary

Which is to be distinguished from a jackwagon.

Is jackwagon the insult or is an insult characterized as being a jackwagon? The text on that page is unclear and seems to indicate both.

They used poles on Wagon Train.

As Swedes were not available until dinner…

I would think that the Germans would always be egar to take things away from the Poles.