What is this a picture of?

I found this picture taken by National Geographic and was wondering where this place is. It looks like a tourist area.


Looks like a hot spring to me. The colors are from mineral deposits.

I think. I’m no geologist.

Yellowstone … Grand Prismatic Spring

More specifically, it’s the Prismatic Springs at Yellowstone National Park:

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the replies. It’s just so purty!

It’s gorgeous; I was just there last summer. And big,too … notice the boardwalk and people in the lower right. The colors are actually bacteria; the different colors are types with different heat tolerance. Orange is the “coolest” around the edge; the deep blue in the middle is too hot for anybody.

Well, I’ve been beaten to it, but that picture looks very much like part of my rotating wallpaper/screensaver of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Is it one of those places that looks a lot better than it smells?

Wai-o-tapu in New Zealand has a similar kind of deal.

I suppose that depends on your opinion of hydrogen sulfide, but yes, it smells like you probably think it does. The usual description is “rotten eggs”.

In addition to the smell, Yellowstone is basically an active Supervolcano that could ruin your day in a real hurry if you happen to have a spectacular timing :-).

Its potential power is incredibly impressive!


Yeah, but it could ruin your day in Australia, if your timing is right. The stink only extends a few miles.

its probably the end of a rainbow