what is this book??

I used to have a big hardcover book that I got from the Science Fiction (& Fantasy) Book Club. It was actually three separate books in one, this whole trilogy stuck together. Very sly, funny stuff. It was about the prince of a magical forest, a princess who chose to live with dragons and refused to be rescued, a red-headed witch who had a whole bunch of talking cats and lived in a house with a magic door (you walked into the kitchen, there was one door out, but that door would take you into the bedroom, the library, or any other room you needed to get to), and the dragons the princess lived with. The princess ended up marrying the prince and they became King and Queen of the Enchanted Forest. But I can’t remember what the titles were or who it was by! I know the author was a woman… big help, that, eh? Does it sound familiar to anyone else?

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There. You happy now?

PS: I have no idea what book that is.

Except for the bit about the Witch with the cats and the house and the Trilogy bit, you’ve precicely described Blue Moon Rising by Simon Green. But it’s not that. Hmmm. Maybe The Dragon and the George and it’s sequels by Gordon R. Dickson (haven’t read the sequels, so it’s possible. Oops: No it’s not. Neither one’s a woman. Errrr. How 'bout Patricia Wrede’s Talking With Dragons series? It’s been years since I’ve read it, but I remember it as being similar.

Have any other info?

Talking with Dragons! That’s it! Thanks! :slight_smile: