What is this book's title and author?

In the late 80’s or early 90’s I read a fiction novel about gender reversed society. It wasn’t a fantasy or sci-fi novel, or set on some other planet, etc. The protagonist of the book was a male, but was timid, shy , etc. I can’t recall the character’s name, but it wasn’t a strong masculine name but more diminutive like “Dickey”. The book was written as somewhat of a satire. And for some reason I recollect that it was written by a popular author. I don’t believe that it was newly published when I read it, as I checked it out of the library where I lived back then.

I do recall one scene where that in order for procreation, many women would force men to ejaculate using prostate massage.

Any ideas?

Your last comment on the book rings a bell for me, but I can remember almost nothing else about the story. I look forward to finding out more.

I’m going with Piers Anthony, the SOS the Rope trilogy.

Could be, I did read that whole trilogy as an impressionable teen (with questionable tastes in literature). Var the Stick, Sos the Rope, Neq the Sword. Lordy, he did crank them out.

I remember the book, but like yourself, not the title or author. :disappointed_relieved:

Was it Regiment of Women by Thomas Berger?* I would classify it as science fiction myself, but tastes differ.

*Probably best known for Little Big Man, which was made into a movie with Dustin Hoffman. He also wrote Neighbors, which became a John Belushi/Dan Aykroyd movie. I found his Arthur Rex – a sex-and-violence retelling of the stories of King Arthur – a hoot, even though nobody’s filmed it.

Ding Ding Ding — Yes, that’s it! It was during a phase that I was reading a lot of Thomas Berger, I couldn’t recall now.

Thank you.