What is this brown stuff inside my pipe?

No, it’s not tobacco, and it’s not resin. It’s a brand new pipe, and there was brown stuff (looked and had a consistency like tiny pieces of shit) inside the plastic stem piece of the pipe. I succeeded in cleaning it all out.

Was that stuff supposed to be in there? Was it supposed to be LEFT in there? What now?

It was indeed shit, Captain.
Haven’t you ever heard of smoking some really good…oh never mind. Probably it was just sawdust. You got a wood pipe? IIRC they are made from roots and so the wood would be gummy & produce “shitty” sawdust.

If it’s a briar pipe, the wood shouldn’t be gummy. It should be dry and hard as a rock.

Some pipe makers coat the inside of the bowl with a substance that is supposed to protect the wood from the heat while you break the pipe in, and build up a cake. Paul, could the stuff you’re mentioning be some of that substance that somehow wasn’t fully dry when they put the stem on the pipe?

I also saw your other thread about the screw in the stem–I’ve never heard of that, though I’m familiar with the filter pipes mentioned. If I can ask, between the screw and the stuff you found in the stem, just what kind of a pipe is this that you have?

You know, shit does have different consistencies. :slight_smile: