What is this called?

A lump, which is possible to be cancer, but hurts, and sometimes isnt even there (under the skin), i descovered one. just below the waiste line.

I have heard that cancer lumps dont cause pain, and this lump does, and its hard, and ive known about it for about 3 weeks mmm. since then, its been different sizes, from the size of apricot seeds, to marbles sometimes is hard, and sometimes squishy.
(dont forget its under the skin)
Does anyone know what this is?? a syst???

Greatest Thanks

It’s what’s known as a damn good reason to renew acquaintance with your doctor.

A cyst could be like that. Have it checked right away.
My ex had one and it worried her to death until it was
removed (it was benign). Don’t do that to yourself. Peace of
mind is worth the cost even if you’re under-inusred.

a polyp(sp?) perhaps, they can be burned off or frozen off. But again I go with beatle, go to your doc.

I’ll do an unbidden encore here and try not to sound so harsh. Really, U D, one thing I’ve learned here is that, while you might get a few hits from posters who’ll relate that Aunt Martha or their dog had something sort of like that once, we generally recognize that medical diagnoses are beyond the scope of the board. We can handle an occassional question about ears popping on airliners, or snot, or whatever. But we’ll never substitute for professional analysis, which is what is required on an individual basis.

We have MDs who visit this board, and they’ll tell you the same - they can offer observations, but they can’t diagnose nor prescribe over a message board.

The immediate cost of diagnosis is often a problem for manny folk, and the long term cost is a BIG problem for the unlucky few. Nevertheless, operating from a basis of reliable knowledge (i.e., really knowing what you’re dealing with) beats the hell out of running up blind alleys for little reason or missing the opportunity to get a real problem treated.

Get it checked by a medical professional ASAP, pal. It beats guessing on all approaches. More than likely it is not a terminal thing, but it may be something that requires attention.

Attention that can be dealt with and survived if not ignored for 15 years or so.

Anyway, Good Luck, pal!

Are you sure it’s not a lymph node? If you had a recent injury below the waist, it’s possible that one of them has become inflammed to help heal the wound. I’m not a Doc, but I am speaking from personal experience. It’s probably nothing, but go see a doctor in any case.


hmmph :frowning: *sigh

I do see your point beetle.
I guess it is me just trying to avoid the problem, CREATIVE PROCRASTINATION…

Thanks brothers

An addendum:

Please be kind enough to ask your quesstion in the topic header.

“What is this called?” is not an appropriate question.

Some of us, who try to be helpful, are forced to open this thread and find we know nothing about it.

I am not a moderator. Just offering an opinion that I’m sure some of us share.

Carry on.