What is this cheerleading move called? Is it designed to intimidate the other team?

What the heck? (no nudity but not particularly polite). What in the world is this cheer leading move all about? What are they telling the other team? Are they trying to intimidate the other team? The other cheerleaders?

They’re starting to spell Victory?

I was a cheerleader in highschool and we sure as hell never did that move.

I have no idea what she’s trying to say other than “Look! I waxed the beaver this morning!”

Maybe it is a way of accusing the team of shaving points?

Makes a great desktop wallpaper.

I don’t see how it would be intimidating. I think it’s just showing off how limber and flexible the cheerleader is. She may just be stretching. It looks like everyone else is just standing around so it doesn’t seem to be part of a performance.

re the cheerleaders intended non vocal communication :Eat me


I don’t know what it is, but I am in favour of it.

I suddenly feel like eating a taco.


She is telling her boyfriend the quarterback what is in store for him if he wins the game.

[Frank Drebin]Hey nice beaver[/FD]

My WAG… It’s the “V” in Virginia, soon to be followed by the “T” in Tech.

Either that or they were out of butcher paper and the entire team is about to stream out of there onto the field.

Looks like an advanced mount/dismount position to me! :wink:

You are a sick, sick puppy.

Of course, I guess I am too, since I’m still laughing.

She’s wanting someone to help her find her class ring.

Well, I see that the guy holding her is missing his class ring.

(Being serious for just a second - bad form, I know - could it be that he just caught her, and that this was her “position” in midair?)

They may be CALLED the Fighting Fish, but once you tackle them, you realize they play more like the Charging Chickens.

“Go Oregon State!”

Maybe it’s the battle hymen of the republic.

Always, someone has to make a tasteless and disgusting remark.

I approve. :smiley:
BTW, it’s called “The Wishbone”.

It’s to dislodge an IUD.

It’s called the Hymenlich Maneuver.

You continue to wear your honorary title well, sir. I approve.