What is this earlobe butter?

I get these little bumps behind my earlobe. I when I squeeze them, an oily, smelly, white substance comes out. I call it “earlobe butter.”

What is it?

Sebaceous cyst?

EDIT: You don’t want to google for videos.

I’ve occasionally got a few on my left ear. Once or twice in my arm pit.
My old man had one on his left ear and never did anything with it. Fast forward 6 months, it was almost the size of a golf ball, and the skin was tough, so a trip to the doc’s he went.


Earlobe butter you say? No, that’s actually not butter at all. It’s Marmite. That’s a common source of confusion, so no worries.

Yep, sounds like sebum, thanks. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia says it keeps hair soft and moisturized, maybe I should sell it.

From the heading, I thought this would have something to do with a new product. Maybe a type of body butter made just for the earlobes of people trying to get larger gauges in…