What is this flower?

Another call for help, please!

I saw this in our local botanical garden yesterday. I asked the guide what it was but he said it in Japanese pronunciation and I couldn’t catch it.


It’s an Abutilon, or flowering maple (no relation to actual maples, which are genus Acer).

Most likely Abutilon pictum (near the bottom of the page).
Sorry for the multiple edits…I’m just excited at being the first answer to a plant identification question. I usually get in on these after all the experts have already answered!

Sorry for the late reply - I was in bed!

An abutilon, so it is. It is a really beautiful plant though rather evil looking. The red veining made the flowers look like they were living flesh, though in reality they are rather thin and papery. Upon reading more, now that I have a name, it seems they are poisonous, too.

Thanks. I HATE not knowing what plants are! I’m learning a lot!

Eh. A lot of common houseplants are poisonous to some degree.

And I was glad to help!