What is this fun dry steel tube luge-type thing called?

It is like a luge, but no ice, just a metal tube twisting down a hill and the person rides on a sled with rollers. Here is personal video of one in Germany (it has real luge clips in it as well).

I am looking for one in the US, but I don’t know the proper name for it, so it is hard to find.


Most likely it’s a regular luge track. The cost to keep it frozen would probably be beyond astronomical if even possible.

I rode down one somewhere in the Appalachians about 30 years ago. I can’t remember exactly where it was but I do remember they called it an Alpine Slide.

They call the one in Park City an Alpine Coaster.

They are called luges or alpine coasters. This place is in france but they used to have the in ground tube version but it looks like they went to the more roller coaster track version now.

The mountain coaster seems to be the general trend now. But the original ones like yours were definitely called luge.

The one I linked to looks close to some of the alpine coasters linked here, but I liked the fact that by shifting your weight or regulating your speed you could change how much you banked turns (I’ve ridden it before). There is no connection the track at all. That might not work very well in the litigious United States.


There is one in Lutsen, MN that I’ve been on a few times as a youth.


I thought it had closed, but it appears to still be open (in the summer, that is). There are a few Youtube videos as well - Google “lutsen alpine slide”.

There are a couple in Vermont – Bromley Mountain and one in or near Stowe. There are videos on YouTube.

There may still be one north of Chattanooga TN at Raccoon Mountain that I rode years back.

I also rode one in Germany in 1986. Took half the ride for me to discover thst pushing the lever forward would make you go faster. Second ride was much better. :slight_smile:


There’s one in Canberra (well, very near). They call it a Bobsled Alpine Slide. It’s great fun.

Our friends took us to a huge one in Germany, commonly called a rodelbahn over there I can confirm that they are immense fun. Even more so when you realise that the brakes are simply not needed. We took our little ones on aged 3 and 5 and they loved it.

I have always know them as Alpine Slides but with a fiberglass material, or perhaps some smooth concrete track - hard to tell but the color is of cement.

I went on one in New Zealand that had a concrete track with a similar design to the one you linked to in Germany. You could take a pretty decent flyer off the track if you tried to. I was sitting next to an ER doc on the bus out of town and asked him about it. He said that they get almost a broken arm a day. :eek:

You can take one to get off of the reconstructed Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. And yes, it is awesome.

There’s one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I don’t know the name, but it’s part of a little theme park (if you could call it that) called Uber Gatlinburg (or Ober Gatlinburg or something).