What is this hearing phenom?

Every so often like a couple times a year you can be just sitting there when background noise will distort and sound lower in tone, and it can be like hearing shifts from one ear to the next(or the tone lowering occurs in one only and then switches between them). It almost feel like rapidly changing altitude or something.

I’d think something was wrong with me but talking to other people they have noticed the exact same thing so I’m not too worried about a brain tumor. What is this?

I get the same thing maybe once or twice a year, I would love to know what is it exactly. I was placing it in the same category as tinnitus.

If it’s a sudden change, I would wager it is indeed like changing altitude - a little de-pressurization can cause what you describe, and if your Eustachian tubes are not completely free, it might take a while and then happen suddenly. The ear recovers after a couple of seconds/minutes, no?

This may not be the same thing, but for as long as I can remember, I occasionally (perhaps once a month, never really tracked it) get this weird, sudden ringing sound in my head (sounds more like it is inside my head than from my ear, but mainly on one side) which slowly fades away over several seconds, varying a bit each time but following the same progression, it also affects my hearing in the ear on the affected side a bit when it happens.

It the change (as described by the OP) NOT associated with a yawn? Is it similar to anything that commonly happens when you do yawn?

It might be a sign that they’ve changed something in The Matrix.

Me too-a very high-pitched sound?

Same thing here. As described by Michael63129 and you.

The high-pitched sound is probably something closer to tinnitus than the phenomenon described in the OP.

About two years ago I was driving and kind of suddenly it seemed like the road noises were more in the background and I could hear high pitched sounds like birds tweeting and wind blowing through trees. It was very intense and lasted about 30 min. Hard to describe but it was like I could hear natural things but machinery and such seemd to almost go away.

Tinnitus is fun. I’m a drummer, and in high school, on the snare line, there were, of course, many instances where extremely loud noises (rim shots, etc) occurred to cause damage leading to tinnitus, and as such, completely quiet rooms are annoying, as that’s when the ringing (high pitched whine) is most noticeable, though I can hear it if I listen for it in normal circumstances too.

You don’t need analyzing;it is not so surprising that you feel very strange but nice. Your heart goes pitter-patter? I know what’s the matter, because I’ve been there once or twice! Put your head on my shoulder–you need someone who’s older; a rubdown with a velvet glove. There is nothing you can take to relieve that pleasant ache–you’re not sick, you’re just in love!

Yeah, and nobody tells young drummers about this stuff, either. I really wish they’d handed out earplugs when I was in drumline.