What is "this" in "Sweet dreams are made of this" By the Eurythmics?

I have no answer to your question, but I found it a bit odd that in the title the word was “this” but Annie Lennox sang “these.”

That was my first thought as well. She clearly sang “these” so we are looking for multiple somethings, not just one. It is pretty strange that the song title and lyrics do not match.

In the lyrics, it’s “this”. Which is odd, because when you hear her sing it, she’s clearly saying “these”.

Anyway, the “this” is about the users and those who want to be used. Or… Gratification.

From a genius.com contributor who claims to be quoting Lennox’s memoir:

It’s not the easiest answer to parse, but I think it’s clear that “this” is something different for each person. So Lennox looks at someone whose dreams are made of abuse or gold toilets or whatever and doesn’t want to be dismissive their personal choices.


I had the same impression as a youngster! But it is pretty clearly “thee-isss.” The ABBC rhyme scheme does not help.

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Sweet dreams are made of cheese.
Who am I to diss a brie?

A cheddar is hurled
By the Prairie Breeze,
Everybody’s looking for stilton

I dunno about “pretty clearly.” To me, she pretty clearly said “these.” Not only is the first syllable an “ee” sound, but the “s,” at least to me, sounds like it’s voiced (in other words, a “z” sound), just like in “these” as opposed to unvoiced, as in “this.” But hard to tell, I guess. In other words, not clear at all.

Brie is really overrated as a cheese.

But for a wall spackle, it’s quite tasty.

Isn’t that where Trump tweets from at 3 a.m.?

“This” is probably The Maltese Falcon.

Really? I guess we’ll have to … disagree.

Well played! :slight_smile:

In her defense, “these” worked as a better rhyme.

It’s just how Annie Lennox idiosyncratically pronounces the “iss” sound. Listen to “There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart).” It sounds like she sings “No one on earth could feel like these/I’m thrown and overblown with blese.”

Yeah, if the lyrics say it’s “this” then so be it, but that doesn’t rhyme (even with the usual broad definition of ‘rhymes’ applied to lyrics) with “seas” or “disagree”.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to argue with it?
I traveled the world and seven water-filled pits
Everybody’s lookin’ for lyrics…

Actually, she’s saying “Theus,” as in former NBA guard Reggie Theus. She clearly admired the shooting stroke that enabled the former UNLV star to average more than 18 points a game for well over a decade in the pros.

It’s made of jarring music and unpleasant, flat, talk-singing.