What is this Japanese television show?

There’s a show my wife and I watch a lot here in Taiwan on the JET (the Japanese network). It is a fascinating show where people just come on and do short acts where they attempt to use their bodies to act, mostly, events in every day life. But they’re not acting out human events, they’re acting out for instance, a train moving across the country, or a cityscape as the day passes. At the end of each piece, there’s a guage at the right of the stage that starts counting up, the bottom numbers are white, then, when it passes, say, 14, the numbers are read, meaning that person or group is a winner.

Does anyone know what show I’m talking about? Does it still run? Does it have an english name I could search to find videos?

Some of the stuff I’ve seen on it is truly a testament to the creative abilities some people have (not to mention, a lot of the contestants are just kids).

Sounds like Kasou Taishou. (Made famous in North America by the “Matrix Ping-Ping” sketch.)

That it?

I think Larry has it. It’s on about twice a year. Good show.

That’s it! Thanks.

Matrix Ping Pong?


Yep. It runs during the New Year’s holiday and the O-bon holiday in August. The celebrity judges are always in ridiculous costumes, the assistants are dressed like playboy bunnies, and the acts (all amateurs) range from painfully bad to eye-poppingly incredible.

One of the most impressive, IMO, was also the simplest-looking.

She won the grand prize for that tournament, IIRC.