What is this kids game?

Occasionally, when I’m running late, a group of school kids on their way to the Museum of Natural History will join me in my subway car. I’ve seen the kids playing this game. It’s like rock/paper/scissors but you can play it with a group.

This is what they do.

The clap two times to set a rythm and then with both hands produce one of three signs.

Both hands as guns pointed at another player,
Both hands as guns pointed up in the air. (reloading?)
Both hands as some sort of sheild.

I think that if two people shoot each other they stay in the game but if someone shoots you and you are not presenting ‘sheild’ then you are out. You have to reload between shots.

In large groups it looks quite fun but I’ve never heard of this game and never played it as a kid.

Do you have any idea what it is called and have you ever played it? Do I have the rules right?

Did I stump the Dope?
Do I get dinner for two?

I’ve never seen this. Where are you located?

New York City.

I saw this game yesterday and I saw it about a year ago.